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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there SoH, My name is Ethan, I'm 27 and I've been gaming since I could hold a joystick. Currently into Destiny 2, and if I'm in the mood for single player I'll go for some KSP. I work in IT, currently working on a project that went sideways so bad I basically have nothing to do at work other than play games while I wait for the other company to get their stuff together . I haven't gotten Forsaken yet, probably will soon if y'all decide my terrible puns are worth putting up with
  2. Greeting y'all, My name is Jim and am 36; most games I play I am better know as Codex of Power or just Codex. I used to play a lot of MMORPs back in the early 2000s like FFXI, Diablo, WoW, and early on AoE2. I am have been gaming since early on like Atari ages and have played so many games and consoles that i have loss count. One thing i have learned over the years is that the community of online play has always been my favorite route to go. I used to play on the PS consoles then switched to Xbox but then at the end of the day realized there were restrictions to how well my graphics were so obviously reverted back to PC. I was playing WoW again but came to realize that I just needed to either make a new char or spend hour on end trying to remember how to play my char again. >.< So I started playing Lotro and lately have been playing it more and prolly could use the experience of other who have played it longer to give some advice. Some of the instances and such are different and for some reason confuse me. (i'm prolly over analyzing it.) I'm not against playing other types of game like FPS in fact i played the crap out Destiny 1 and 2 and it bored me not enough quest and on going things to do. Out side of gaming I spent 2000-2004 in the marines then moved on to the IT field, I love to fish, work, trying to freshen up on my SQL programming skills and take care of my 80+ grandparents. I don't have any pets since my boxer died a few years ago. Thanks for the consideration, Jim (Codex)
  3. Hello everyone, My name IRL is Jerome (Primary IGN Pathnic along with many other names). Xotic recommend that I check you guys out since I recently got back into WoW. I have to say, after reading the outlined policies I am quite excited in finding out if this community will be a good fit (a big part of this is due to my work schedule and there being no play-time requirements). A Little Background: I am 23 and live in the South-Eastern U.S. and work as a network administrator. My work schedule is usually consistent, but I am expected to work after-hours sometimes, which has made it hard at times to put a ton of hours into gaming. I've been playing games for as long as I can remember, all the way back to playing Mario the NES. My gaming interest are broad and range from relaxed multiplayer games like Divinity Original Sin to character action games like Dark Souls and recently Monster Hunter. In the past, I have played a number of MMOs (WoW has been off and on for a while, Tera Online, Dungeon Fighter Online, Blade and Soul, Black Desert, and Vindictus to name a few). In MMOs I tend to focus on PVE content like raiding, but I haven't been a complete stranger to PVP in most of the games I've played. Non-gaming related hobbies I have are mostly athletic-based activities. I love going to the gym after work. It's pretty much cemented in my schedule. Making progress on different lifts and seeing small changes in physique happen over time has become a rewarding and important part of my life since I've started working out about 2 years ago. I also play Ultimate Frisbee on a club and recreational level. I started playing about 6 years ago when I started college and haven't stopped since. I look forward to meeting everyone, and if you want to know anything else about me ask away!
  4. Hello SoH, My name is Jon, Galassiel in-game. I played lotro a while back, not entirely sure how long ago though 😝. Came back as I am getting burned out/bored with Albion Online and needed something new. I have been playing RPG's since age 11, turn 40 the 21st 😮 I am married with 3 kids and work in the oilfield. My 2 week on 2 week off schedule limits playtime as well as life in general. I enjoy playing with so called 'grownups' like myself 😁 I have played everything from FF1 and Zork to our lovely 3d MMORPG's of today(WoW, Rift, Defiance, EVE Online, etc.) I look forward to being a part of the Nomads 😉
  5. Hey there! I ran into a post on the eso forums asking for new members and after messaging Fera in game I was directed here. I guess I should start by introducing myself then I'm male, 16 years old attending high school in Canada at the moment. I have two cats and a massive great dane puppy that is a lot to handle but we still love him. I've been playing video games my entire life and I have always had a passion for MMOs (even though I never had anyone to play them with). Something about open worlds and adventure appeals to me in a way that other games just don't. My first ever MMO was World of Warcraft when I was 5 or 6 and I played on my dad's account when he wasn't playing. I started playing ESO about a year ago when I bought the game for the first time on the PS4 (my primary gaming system at the time). Since I recently got a PC I bought the game and am now looking for people to play with. I currently have a lvl 11 breton sorcerer on pc as my first and only character thus far. I have the Morrowind expansion and have purchased the dark brotherhood dlc using the free crowns given to you upon starting the game. I am interested in joining SOH because it seems like a great group with friendly and accepting players. I have always wanted to play MMOs with other people and have looked to join guilds in the past in other games but it never worked out mainly because of me being intimidated by others that knew the game so much better than me. I want to get out of my comfort zone a little bit and would love to start with a friendly guild that I can learn the game alongside with. Although I did buy the game on PS4 a year ago and have dabbled with PVP occasionally I would still consider myself a noob as I know next to nothing about builds and such. Anyways I'll save your eyes the trouble of having to read any more of my introduction Thanks for reading if you've gotten this far though and thanks for having me!
  6. Hello SoH! I came across your recruitment post from the ESO forums. I've been playing the game off and on for about year now and I never could seem to find the right place for me. What caught my eye about SoH was that you all are new to the game (so I think), and you all are still learning and growing. I think that's great because even though I've been playing the game off and on, I still haven't really done much of anything in it. SoH seems like it would be such a great guild for me. I want to experience more of what ESO has to offer: Vet Dungeons, Trials, vTrials (maybe), PvP. All of it. Hard to do when none of your friends play and you're running solo most of the time. Hoping to change that! Now for a little about myself. I'm a 34 year old male from Texas. I mostly game on PC, but do have an PS4 that mostly used for Netflix and other streaming. Haha, but I do have Monster Hunter World that I hope to play soon. I work and my schedule is always changing, but I think I could make most Saturday night hang outs. I do play everyday though so I should be around most nights. (Unless I'm being dragged to play PUBG or something.) I'm a quiet guy IRL and in game. Always have been. After a while, I do tend to open up. Hope that's not a problem. Always willing to help if I can! Ok, I'm bad about talking about myself so if you all have any questions, feel free to ask! Hope to explore Tamriel with you soon! Thanks for your time! Arty ESO Name: @Kielithos
  7. Dourrin


    Hi I'm Dourrin, I'm 27, from Texas. I play alot games, really like D2 every though theres lots of hate towards it right now. Looking forward to playing with and getting to know you all as well.
  8. Hi, I'm Cvil. I'm 21, at community college atm, technically undecided, but i'm heavily leaning towards psychology and/or criminal justice. Working part time on the weekends. I'm pretty relaxed, and level-headed, but I still like to win, so I can get a bit emotional when in any type of competition. Got into Destiny 2 over the holidays, been in love since. Love raiding, and although a bit frustrating at times, pvp is fun as well. Used to play other MMOs, such as SWTOR, which first got me into gaming, as well as FFXIV, which I recently lost interest in, and I play a few other games. Namely Pokemon, League of Legends, Overwatch on occasion. Nice to meet you!
  9. Hello! I've been looking for a group to join to play EVE for a while now, and I saw your post on Reddit, which lead me to apply. Little did I know I had stumbled upon such a great community! First, my tags range from Rahk on Eve, Dayne on Blizzard games, and Verse on just about everything else. You can probably just call me Matt. I'm a pretty avid gamer as time permits, playing games like Stardew Valley, Skyrim, Witcher, Overwatch, CSGO, and League of Legends (a lot, once, not at all anymore). Here's my steam profile if anyone is interested. I've been playing Eve off and on probably since 2009 when I started my trial. Unfortunately, I've never found a group to play with, perhaps because I was intimidated by the application process / put off by the suspicion that the groups viewed the applications. I'm looking forward to having a fleet to jump on with and fly around. Why did I get into Eve? Spaceships. I just really like spaceships. Along with everyone else playing this game. Most of my playtime has been spent exploring, and that's where most of my skill points have gone, other than some combat skills which I thought would be handy. I've also dipped into a few base mining, PI, and freighting skills. I've honestly just been following the ship mastery certificates for the Firetail and Astero. I have a second pilot that I used the month of free dual skill training on to get her into the skills for moving stuff around efficiently. I heard this was a good thing for FW pilots. My favourite ship is the Astero, (check out this Eve Reader short story about the Astero it's fantastic), and then probably the Firetail. I'd like to get into a Sabre at one point since they seem pretty fun. I tend to lean towards fast moving ships. I have five or six fully kitted firetails ready to go. I've flown around a few times, but I haven't lost one yet. Outside of games, I work as a software engineer in western Canada, where I've helped build a company from the start, which has been a cool experience. I'm in my mid 20's, have an awesome dog, and am married to my best friend. She's a paramedic, so my gaming schedule tends to rotate around her shifts (she works four days at a time away from home, so that's when I game the most). Other random things (I'm going to cheat a bit); I like my coffee freshly ground and straight from a french press My favourite tacos are soft-shelled fish tacos Favorite beverages are scotch, bourbon, and craft beer I started working out regularly after I broke my leg in 2015, and have seen some significant improvements.
  10. o7 Hello all I am RKJakTup. I been playing eve online from 2009. I also play games like D3, WOW, Runescape, Albion, CSGO, and many others. right now the top 3 I play is EVE online, D3 and Albion. I'm from Dallas Texas and you can tell when ever you hear me talk. lol From the time I started eve I lived in Null sec most of my time. I spent 2 years in WH space. I been PVEing most of the time and PVP with I have the time to fly in the fleets but now I'm looking for more pvp. I like smaller gangs and gate camps where we BS and talk most of the time then kill anything that comes though. if yall want to know more about me just hit me up in eve and we can have a chat. Thanks for your time in reading this Fly safe o7 RKJakTup
  11. Hello to all who are reading, Athelias Stratus here, a Lalafell, 21 in school as a Computer Science major(let's all see how this turns out together ), I test games sometimes for VMC and my real name is Joel. I hail from Midgardsormr Pre-3.0(Brockton,MA in RL), while playing like a madman from the beta until somewhere around 2.4(?) I believe and then I mostly stopped playing minus those free weekends that SE loves to give out. I am currently a level 52 BLM near the beginning of Heavensward and have just transferred over to Leviathan to join you all. The first MMOs I played were Final Fantasy XI(at launch, so I was 9) which I loved for the PvE, and RuneScape(2) which I loved for the PvP. I've played many, many other MMOs over the years but Final Fantasy XIV(2.0) is the only MMO that I've been able to heavily invest in and enjoy like I did FFXI and RS2. MMOs aren't the only type of games that I like to play, I enjoy playing just about everything except driving games but (J)RPGs and Shooters are at the top of my list. Some of my favorite series/games are(in no order): Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Fire Emblem, Breath of Fire, Lunar, Grandia, Wild Arms, Legend of Dragoon, Halo, Metal Gear, Deus Ex, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Soulcalibur, Zelda, Resident Evil, Metroid, Mega Man(mostly X), and Castlevania. So yeah, a lot. Outside of gaming I love watching anime(Grimgar, ERASED, and GATE are great right now, along with One Piece) and TV shows(Watching: Arrow, Flash, Suits, The 100, Shameless). I'm not a very active outside person, everything I enjoy is done inside my bedroom(I don't mean anything by that, I swear ). That's about all I am/do I guess, oh and I'm half Dominican, half Puerto Rican and can speak Spanish(I'd grade my Spanish a B). That's all I got, hope to see and talk to you all soon.
  12. Hi all, Well where should I start... I have always been a gamer myself and am always playing endless hours of a variety of games, although every now and again such as recently real life reduces my gaming time. Despite this I always try and keep in contact with everyone that I play with, and help out where I can. Eve Online is my favourite game although I have a tendency to change up what i'm doing to keep myself entertained whilst helping others. Other games I play at the moment are: Garrys Mod, Civ 5, H1Z1, although i'm always happy to try new things. In the real world I am a Network Engineer, and work On Call every other week (Hoping for that to change soon). When i'm not working or gaming, I tend to spend my time relaxing with some of my friends and watching netflix, You can alreadyy see im not the most exciting person haha. Well thats a quick summary of me, feel free to ask me questions. Thanks, Ascenity, Seranthia, Exelious, Xuthus, and whatever other aliases I have around.
  13. Hey guys, My in-game name is reserved as Malixx (Malix was taken HGAAAASKJLGdbklBFS), my real name is Ben. I'm going to be playing a spellslinger mainly as DPS, with a healing offspec (obviously). I've been playing MMO's since EQ, but never really got serious about raiding until WOTLK in WoW. I was the #1/#2 Hunter on my server for the entirety of that expansion, constantly switching between another hunter in the same guild. I played semi competitive in HoN and consider myself among the top players in a game called SMITE. I've become more PvP oriented as far as my gaming style over the past few years, mainly due to a lack of challenge in raid content. I don't think I've ever been this excited about raid content in a game in a VERY long time. My goals will be to see all PvE content, and maintain a competitive presence in the PvP environment. Outside my gaming life, I play in a band as lead guitarist that sounds like what critics call, "a clash of breaking benjamin and metallica". We call ourselves "from this fire" (shameless plug inc -> www.fromthisfire.com) I work at a datacenter for a living, maintaining operations and crisis containment. I live in the overcrowded-with-old-people sunshine state, and love to complain about slow drivers in the fast lane. From what I've read on the forums, SoH seems like the perfect home for me. Poking around the SoH forums a bit, everyone here seems mature and friendly. Gaming backgrounds look extensive, which is something I always look for. Hopefully SoH has room for me among its ranks. I look forward to meeting all of you and building warplots no one is able to pass!
  14. Good Day, I am here mainly because I followed JR over from DR and was happy to leave to join in some actual fun WvW action. I have been playing GW2 for some time now, though it has been with a few breaks here and there. I am a U.S. Army Veteran, so the disorganized gaggle-fuck that is DR's attempt at WvW really put me off of GW2 for a while and the only reason I returned was because of ingame friends such as JR. I understand that basic's of WvW small group and zerg play, along with backdooring tower and what not. My alt character does have a Commander tag though I do not use it because I have not trained or even really practiced Commanding much in the game. Other than that I am a pretty simple person. Currently I am attending school for Software Development so that does take up a decent chunk of my time and sadly one of the nights I have class is when the reset is, but that is RL for ya. I really look forward to playing with yall and I ran with a group of players last night during the Drunken WvW and had a blast. Main: RedneckSOD (80 Guardian-Healway) Alt: Thysin (80 Ranger-Healway offshoot)
  15. Hey everyone, hopefully you will all get to know me soon by being in your guild! My realid name says my name is Terri but that is my mother's name, she is the one who pays for me to play this game, I'm 16 years old that is why and my name is Craig. I play hockey and I love the sport and I'm kind of really good at it not to brag but I also come from a wealthy family and I thank my parents for eveything they have done especially for them paying my hockey bill which is almost $15,000 a year. I'm really excited to play this game with your guild, I love this game and being a hockey player people do know that I play this game in my free time. I don't care what they say about it but it's just this game is too fun to give up. I love progression and raiding, that is the main reason I play this game. I"m also 100% Italian and I look like a guido from Jersey Shore hahaha, you know the hair gel and stuff. You don't wanna know how much I love hair gel. I'm very young and mature for my age, I'm really athletic and yeah that is me. I can be kind of quite and shy but I do talk, I hope you all enjoy my Intro. Have a great day!
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