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intro thingy!


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Hai! im Dani, 24, gay, male.

love playing games, hanging out with friends and watching movies and stuffs. been playing games all my like so i can get pretty hardcore into them, when im not working at least.

currently looking to join the destiny 2 branch of this guild, but i play alot of different games and perfectly willing to branch out. hoping to hang out and meet new friends and stuff. 

thank you! <3

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22 hours ago, Estarriol said:

What are you proud of that you never get to talk about?


On a typical day, how many pigeons do you think you could carry?


What's your favorite smell?


Also, hi.


1 hour ago, Tyrlis said:

Hello potential new friend!


Do you like green eggs & ham?


How do you earn your living?


What is Cayde-6's favorite dance?


50 minutes ago, Practical said:

If you where a superhero, what would be your one weakness?



if you were a supervillan, what would be your odd quirk?

such harrasment cannot go unanswered for!

i never get to talk about various mtg decks ive made and stuff :O

like in a box, lots, out of a box, like 5

pancakes! and other stuff that would be inappropriate to talk about :O



i work two jobs, one as a package handler at fedex, and the other as a cook at a restaurant, working early mornings


or do you mean his other favorite dance


i would be a supervillian with a terrible fear of the ocean and an obsession with building undersea bases

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21 minutes ago, Fiz said:



My roommate got me into the Pokemon tcg. I am trying to stay away from magic right now because $$$$.


What other card / board games do you play? 


See you in game!!

i dont even buy cards any more, i just play magic with friends using cockatrice. 

im quite an avid roleplayer: shadowrun, D&D, that sorta thing. i play alot of random board games with tabletop simulator, i used to play alot of yugioh x3. ive always wanted to get into stuff like, warhammer and stuff, but im not a billionaire, so that puts a damper on that.

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