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  1. Just returned from Paris, a truly magical and amazing city.  Looking forward to catching up with everyone over the next two days.  Going to unpack and bask in the afterglow!  (p.s. yes there will be photos)

    1. Toobz


      Glad you had a good time.  The family and I were there a couple of weeks ago at the end of June.

    2. Fera


      Niiiiice! Glad you're home safe from your travels. 

  2. TIL euros are too tall to fit in a normal wallet!

    1. Luc


      The real reason for Brexit, obviously.

    2. Ashin


      TIL (subsequently) that different denominations of euros are different sizes.  10s and 5s fit in my wallet; 20s do not.

  3. Does anybody have a Logitech K740? This space bar sucks!

  4. Clearly typed too many words yesterday; keyboard is broken!

  5. Welcome to the corp!
  6. She's right, as usual. However, there's still a pretty cool story behind the name. You'll be able to read it if you wind up joining the corp. I've gone through most of your background check - thank you for sending it. That, combined with Tyrlis' conversation with our alliance leaders, makes me feel pretty comfortable with you. Don't worry about any stigma associated with the other character you purchased, and thanks for being honest with us about that. Since it was a different character entirely, you could have easily just tried to hide it. So I appreciate that. The biggest remaining concern I have came from a review of your skills. Although you have a good amount of SP, you actually can't fly very many of the pvp ships we use at all. Hardly any! It seems in some cases you are missing a few key fitting skills to upgrade various modules to T2. In other cases, you may need to train some hull or weapon skills as well. Now, this isn't a problem for me. But since you mentioned your past impatience with the skill queue, I think this is an important point for us to discuss. We would expect you to pick some primary ships from each doctrine (could be dps, logistics, command, or advanced ewar/tackle) and train toward them during your time with us. And it might take a little while before you'e mastered them all. What do you think about that?
  7. Congratulations to @Hirab and @Susitna on their promotion to member!
  8. Hello and welcome! I'm Valence Benedetto (and Solomon) in-game, and looking forward to chatting with you soon. Essentially our application process has three steps: posting an intro here, interview in comms and the dreaded API background check. Hopefully we can connect for the comms interview this weekend. In the meantime, would you like to send me a PM here with your API? You can use this link to create the proper kind. Please check the 'no expiry' option. Let me know if you have any concerns. I'm sure you are familiar with this from your previous time in BLUEP. Speaking of which, may I ask why you are applying to us rather than simply re-joining them? Cheers.
  9. Hello again. Two things. First: when I read your name, even though I realize it is probably supposed to be "Otto Elite", for some reason I want to see it as a French word that maybe relates to the bathroom. (I clearly don't speak French.) Second: I have completed your background check, and I don't think it really generates any questions. I probably will not make it online tonight, but I should be around quite a bit Friday through Sunday. Let's plan to have a brief chat in Mumble, and then I'd be happy to offer you an invite to the corp. @Tyrlis or @Brinelan are also able to conduct the interview and invite, if I'm not around.
  10. EVE Late Night or Flex Hour crew - we need you Wednesday night!

  11. Does Crown Royal make a rye? I thought all their stuff was blended. Welcome! And thanks for posting your introduction. (Virtual CEO Valence Benedetto / Solomon here.) The others have already asked a good assortment of random, personal questions. So, I will refrain from adding any more. Essentially, our application process involves three steps, and they can be done in any order: post a personal introduction (done), have an interview in Mumble, and perform the dreaded background check. In order to keep the process moving, would you like to PM your API info? We require a full API; however, it is not shared beyond the corp. You can use this link to do it: This is also a good time to purge your account of any old and unneeded API's. Please send me the information via private message on this site, so that I can develop a healthy paranoia about your secret life as a hostile spy.
  12. Welcome to the corp! For the record, veggie tacos are not hippie-food!
  13. Having interviewed Sus and completed his background check, I am happy to welcome him to the corp!
  14. Hey Hirab! Valence B here. Thanks for your patience with me over these past few days. You have a very interesting background. What made you decide to learn Arabic, originally - did you learn it while in the Air Force or before? 2 classes short of the MBA - damn, that must have stung. But I'm glad to hear that it all worked out for the best. I haven't gotten a chance to check your API's yet, but I will do so today for sure. The only thing that kind of confused me on the surface is that it seems like you have been playing EVE for a really long time, but when we spoke it sounded like you hadn't really gotten to PVP much? Why didn't you join a PVP oriented group at some point in your past? The fact that what you want in EVE now is a community means you have come to a good place. Tell me what that place looks like, to you? What are the two or three most important characteristics your gaming community needs in order to feel like home?
  15. Hey Sus! Thank you for sending me (Valence B) your API and posting your intro here. On the surface, you sound right up our alley. I'm going through your API now and will send you a private message with some follow-up questions. But basically it looks good to me. Eh.. most of us are not exactly young. We might surprise you! My question: what about our recruitment post interested you?