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  1. Welcome to the corp! For the record, veggie tacos are not hippie-food!
  2. Having interviewed Sus and completed his background check, I am happy to welcome him to the corp!
  3. Hey Hirab! Valence B here. Thanks for your patience with me over these past few days. You have a very interesting background. What made you decide to learn Arabic, originally - did you learn it while in the Air Force or before? 2 classes short of the MBA - damn, that must have stung. But I'm glad to hear that it all worked out for the best. I haven't gotten a chance to check your API's yet, but I will do so today for sure. The only thing that kind of confused me on the surface is that it seems like you have been playing EVE for a really long time, but when we spoke it sounded like you hadn't really gotten to PVP much? Why didn't you join a PVP oriented group at some point in your past? The fact that what you want in EVE now is a community means you have come to a good place. Tell me what that place looks like, to you? What are the two or three most important characteristics your gaming community needs in order to feel like home?
  4. Hey Sus! Thank you for sending me (Valence B) your API and posting your intro here. On the surface, you sound right up our alley. I'm going through your API now and will send you a private message with some follow-up questions. But basically it looks good to me. Eh.. most of us are not exactly young. We might surprise you! My question: what about our recruitment post interested you?
  5. Congratulations to @Tarin Audeles on promotion to member - great to have you aboard!
  6. Congratulations to @Gold Fish who is being promoted to Senior Member, EVE Chapter. We have also awarded him a specialist title, Space Trucker, in appreciation for all his JF piloting on our behalf!
  7. Congrats to Intimus Inferi, who impractically insists on being known as @Practical here instead, on promotion to member!
  8. Thor - are you still out there? I am in game Monday evening, and would like to move forward with your application process. We've suddenly got a lot going on in our area, which is a double-edged sword for newbros. You'll be guaranteed a memorable experience with epic fights, but your "swimming lesson" will consist of being thrown into the deep end of the pool while we ask ourselves - is he a swimmer or a sinker?
  9. Hi Liv - I've been around and in EVE most of the weekend, but it looks like your busy social calendar kept you out of game. I will probably be in game most evenings this week, but Monday night would be a particularly convenient time to talk. Hopefully that works for you.
  10. Which alt would you like me to invite first? Looks like its Ormus!
  11. Good morning! I've accepted Plyn's app into the corp and bumped up your forum access. You'll receive a welcome mail in game that will explain the trial period and direct you to our new recruits orientation thread. Something I forgot to talk to you about last night - we normally ask folks to limit themselves to two characters in the corp, during the trial period only. If that's an inconvenience, we can talk about making an exception. But let me know what you think.
  12. Is this really their name?!
  13. Literally the first good thing I've ever heard IG say about kids!
  14. We need to hire you to write our recruitment pitches! @Plyn I'll be in game tonight from about 9:30 EDT on (01:30 EVE). If that's convenient for you, let's plan to have the long-awaited Mumble interview tonight?
  15. From what I have seen (and felt), the two biggest personal factors to enjoying Null are flexibility and patience or having a long-term viewpoint. In Null you don't always get to control how you spend your time online. That's the double-edged sword of being in a true sandbox game. The content is player-created, and sometimes players decide to bring you content at the exact moment you had planned to settle in for a quiet evening of ratting. (Or vice-a-versa.) I think the fact that you'll be coming with a group of friends gives you a big head start, especially since one of them has taken you under her wing. I will be available from about 9:30 EDT (01:30 EVE) tonight for Mumble interviews. If you're available, let's plan to connect. I think we also still need your API? Please use this link to create the appropriate API, and choose the "No Expiry" option. You can PM it to me here. If you've already mailed in-game, please disregard.