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  1. My final was supposed to be 1250 words. Ended up being 2062, not including title and reference pages. Good thing I don't get penalized for being wordy!

  2. Happy 8th birthday Mouse!

  3. I have a much greater appreciation for everything my mom did when I was a very small child.

  4. Mork's overtime is real. 64 hours this week, 75 hours scheduled for next week. 69 hours scheduled for the week after unless they get some new people hired. So, anyone want to come to Utah and get a job?

  5. Someone just shoot me now.

    1. Xander117


      without a more detailed reason im afraid i cannot comply

    2. Merriwhizzle


      Potentially horrible situation turned out semi-ok. So no shooting required.

    3. Xander117


      i see, well ever vigilant my friend. Feel free to call if my services are required :)


  6. Tax refund came in. \o/ Now to shift into high gear and find a place to move.

  7. Just sent in my RSVP for my 20 year high school reunion. Now I feel old.

  8. Happy 6th birthday Bunny!

  9. Homemade pho broth cooking.

  10. It's 8pm on a Saturday night and I'm doing my usual battle of wills with Mr. Man about bedtime and clocking into work. #adultthings

  11. Yay for dinner made of random things we had in the house.

  12. Kids are gone, house work is done, school work is done. The only thing I have to do is finish work and feed the dogs. Bring on the weekend!!!!!

  13. Hey Xander! Read your messages and respond please. :)

  14. These sound like something Morkgrim, my husband, would say! Although he take pity on you for being a Buccaneers fan since he's been a fan of the New Orleans Saints since the beginning of time. And hi from someone who has dabbled in multiple chapters, although not Eve, and is currently preparing for the launch of Legion. 5 invasions to go and all my lvl 100s (there are about 12 of them) will have done at least one! Yes, I have an alt problem.