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  1. Vegetarian's I need help!  We have a software vendor in all next week for a training session and the trainer is vegetarian.  I don't want to feed him salad all week.  Any good places other than Panera with vegetarian options?

    1. Grieve


      I'm not vegetarian, but if you have a good Indian restaurant in the area, that's probably a solid option.

    2. Skydance


      maps.google.com search for vegetarian restaurant, call to find out if they offer a vegetarian side menu, or just a couple vegetarian options. Also, mexican and asian places will usually have vegetarian options. One caveat: vegetarian and vegan are quite different, but someone who does training for a vendor is unlikely to be picky.

    3. Ashin


      As far as chains, Chipotle.  As far as cuisines, Mexican + any Asian, especially Thai and Indian.

  2. Got the job. :) 

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    2. Darlantan


      Excellent :D Congratulations.

    3. Midri
    4. Dililah


      Thank you all!  So much to learn and I hate leaving everyone I have worked with for the past 10 years.  I have to keep reminding them and myself that I'm not dying, just going to be across the street and an email or chat away.

  3. Both interviews went well.  Now to wait.  I'm going to be positive and start cleaning out my office.

    1. Fera


      You go girl! -- I agree; future-pace yourself into that new office by cleaning out the old'un ^^

    2. Huntyre
    3. Owl


      Happy dance!

  4. New Steam Sale started.

    1. Huntyre


      no time! X-Com'ing it! ;)

    2. Nez


      I know T_T My wallet already took a hit.

    3. Morkgrim



  5. Snow! Real inches of snow! City shut down and we are trapped at home until the temps get higher lol.

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    2. Ashin


      Hope you remembered to stock up on booze!

    3. Scp


      We currently have 8" and it's still snowing

    4. Drpibb


      Hello, checking in from Pibblandia! 10" here x6LpNeX.jpg

  6. Need 1 tbsp of white wine for a recipe, walk out of liquor store with 4 bottles of wine....sigh.

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    2. Minori
    3. Scp
    4. Cryus


      one type of wine to have while cooking, one for during the meal, one for after and the last for putting in the meal. that equals 4. sounds right to me :p

  7. Ori and Ginzo Tree escape finally! I have not screamed like that at a game since WoW Raiding when I beat it.

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    2. Grieve


      Congrats! That sequence was infuriating the first time.

    3. Darlantan


      I latched onto the music in that sequence. It's some of the most perfectly placed in the game; took a lot of the sting away.

    4. Huntyre
  8. Was about to buy a Steam game and saw this...think I'll wait. http://kotaku.com/steam-goes-nuts-offers-access-to-other-peoples-account-1749718979

    1. Huntyre


      yeah.. saw this earlier when I tried to log on. Looks like it's back to normal now.

  9. End of Year, time to clean out the work desk.

    1. Ashin


      Do people actually do this??

  10. Way too much yard work done yesterday. Can't move this morning.

    1. Tinymanz


      Gardening isnthe best excersize.

    2. Tinymanz
    3. Huntyre


      you're braver than me.. I still have piles of leaves in the front and backyard. lol

  11. Today is World Vegetarian Day.

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    2. Tilluk
    3. Lindels


      I can't believe I didn't know about this! I suppose I can celebrate for the next hour!

    4. Tinymanz
  12. Got War Dec? Need moar stalkers in Amarr.

    1. Tyrlis


      You can quit roles and leave SOHCO any time, I can send you a PERDL invite... when I remember to log on that toon, hehehe.

    2. Dililah


      lol I was working from home for a bit was checking the market and so many flashing red in Amarr.

  13. Saved 3 lives and got a cookie #DonateBlood

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    2. Darlantan


      Used to. Can't now.

    3. Huntyre
    4. Grieve


      *cringe* Needles... I commend you for giving blood!

  14. Comcast is working on multiple outages in the area, I can't stay connected to EVE or TS3. :( I was gonna whelp too

  15. There is another WH in OL3 > C2 > 13 jumps to Amarr, Small Ships only.

  16. We have a direct to High Sec WH in OL3 if you need to move anything

  17. I was going to leave on time and our systems just went down. Cry

  18. Vacation, Holiday, Why is it not Thursday?!?

  19. Sold the car and motorcycle, let the Spring Cleaning begin!

  20. Ashin, post your Moroccan stew please :)

  21. I have discovered that Zyrtec and I don't get along anymore. All I want to do is sleep.

    1. Huntyre


      allegra-d is my go to

    2. Sunny


      I have indoor allergies, so I know all about the different medications. Zyrtec just happens to be the medication that i take. If its making you sleepy try the children's liquid formula instead. An adults dose is usually 10mgs, where with the liquid you can adjust your dosage

    3. Fera


      I took Allegra-D for years.... then learned it was the cause of my lower back pain! (thankfully not everyone has that side effect)

  22. Another ice storm is on the way :(

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    2. Grieve


      If you are getting ice, that must mean I'm getting more snow. >_<

    3. Huntyre


      stock up on water and food... and wood if you have a fire place

    4. Derodek


      as if it wasn't cold enough!

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