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  1. Hi y'all, I stumbled upon a post in the EveJobs subreddit this morning, and I can't believe the good fortune! I was previously in South of Heaven when the Eve corp was part of Blades of Grass in Branch. My time with you guys were one of my most fond memories of Eve even after I burned out. Fast forward a couple (or three) years later and I decided to pick up the game again with some other friends. I had actually checked to see if you guys were still active at the time but I didn't see any ZKB activity - sadness. So seeing the post on Reddit was a very happy surprise! My account is still active here so I was reading about the current state of Eve with SOHCO and I'd like to help try and rebuild. I've been back in game for maybe a month now and trying to knock off the rust. My brother, a RL friend, and I have been running abyssals to make some money and trying out FW space with Amarr. We'd like to get some more experience with small/micro-gang fleets as well as some NPSI public fleets again. I have three toons: Moros Ker (~82mil SP) - Primarily a subcap combat pilot and the one going on most of the roams. Gunnery, missiles, and drone skills all T2 with specializations trained to IV, Logi V, all cruisers V. Working on getting frigates and destroyers to V on all races before moving on to finish BLOPS training and then to dread. Darkprozac Saken (~80mil SP) - Started out as my primary industry toon but morphed in to a HS missioning carebear. Missiles skills and all Caldari subcap hulls to V. Perfect HS ore reprocessor and quite a few research skills. Perfect exhumer pilot. When he's not running around doing combat/missions in his Tengu or Golem he can be found pouring over his BPOs and figuring out which one to research next. Freighter and JF pilot level IV (JDC only IV, JFC V). Vokan Muutaras (~80mil SP) - Was going to start out as a booster with all fleet support skills to V except for wing command, fleet command, and some spatial thingy, but then he took a sharp left and focused on industry with Darkprozac. Perfect exhumer pilot, perfect Orca pilot, needs to inject JF to get that underway as he has JDC V and JFC V. Before I took a break last time he had changed up to be a carrier pilot. He's got Minny carrier V, all shield skills (including capital) V, light fighters IV, support fighters IV, and heavy fighters V. Still need to top off light/support fighters and hangar management. Started training Amarr carrier as well at some point. He ONLY has drone skills, no missiles or gunnery. He's currently training up the logistics skills to use triage on a FAX. Outside of the game I'm a software engineer by trade and have worked in either security or retail for all of my professional career, and recently took a promotion in to a manager position overseeing developers both stateside and overseas. My other hobbies outside of gaming include reading sci-fi/horror novels and playing poker at the local casino or in Vegas when I get a chance. My wife and I have three cats that like to terrorize me by biting my feet at night and waking me up, which also means I love coffee. Please send help.
  2. Hello! I am looking for a good place to call home again in the new eden world. I love the bit about community you guys have as it's something I try to drive and promote as part of the EvE experience. Reading all these recruit posts and a bit more about the group has really pushed me towards this corp in search for some fun. I will try to be concise as I tend to ramble on when putting words to ink lol. IN RL: I am a pretty reserved, mature 25yr old living and working full time in the beautiful big sky country of Montana. (Was pleasantly surprised to see another post from my state!) I have played other games but none have really sunk their teeth in quite like EvE has. My next favorite would be the Monster Hunter series and have played it for a long time as well. Worlds hasn't drawn my attention quite as much, but could probably chalk that up to no longer having hunting partners to join in with. On my off time, when I'm not busy being a closet weeb and snuggling my cats, I enjoy being outdoors hiking, camping, and of course shooting guns! I prefer relaxing at a campsite and fishing more then hiking just to hike but I did spend 3 days hiking around 20-30 miles across back-country trails, which was a worthwhile experience. EvE Online: Character name is Captain Kaiki Musana. Starting around this time in 2016 has given a great experience in people I've met and flown with since joining this game. I have done some hunting and roams or test runs in various areas of space but I feel most comfortable in WH space. After various setbacks and a lack of enthusiasm I feel like maybe something a bit different would be enjoyable. I like both the more laid-back environment as well as the smaller group you guys have set up and would hope to find my place in your corp. For a part of my EvE experiences I spent time in a pretty "elite" LS corp, It was mostly harmless banter but at some point I had slowly become more risk adverse and had trouble finding that damn undock button... I have mostly gotten back to the good ol' days of having fun and would like to continue working towards that goal. I make corp fits and enjoy beginner theory crafting however I'm still a bit reluctant to try fits and will agonize over fits and ships for an eternity. I am back to my willingness to welp in a glorious fire and finding some like minded people who log in and want to hunt and have fun would be a place I wish to be. Your corp may be in a similar situation as far as activity goes but I would like to test the waters and maybe help where I can. I sorta became a bit of a low time FC, I still freeze up when grid fills up and knowing where to go isn't my strong suit. Always looking to learn more and hoping to hear back! Fly fast, fly for fun Capt Kai
  3. Hello all, I saw your recruitment post on r/evejobs and decided to reach out and introduce myself. About me My real name is Nick, I am 30 and live in Montana with my wife. I started college a little later than most and have about one more year before I graduate with my BS in computer science. I love playing games to unwind after the day and I am generally online for around 2 hours between 6:00pm-10:00pm MST (0100-0400 Eve) a few times a week. I usually go by my username, Shibity. But I don't mind too much if you alternatively use my real name or my eve character name. Eve Background My in-game character is Kane Apterus. Despite having my account for nearly 3 years, I've actually only played for around 2-3 months total. When I first got the game in early 2017, I rushed into joining a small corporation and, frankly, it was a disaster. I was very green at the game (still am) and this group had a habit of simply telling me what to do without any explanation, and then would be quite rude and condescending when I would make mistakes. I felt intimidated and left the game behind for the last ~2 1/2 years. Recently, I've started getting back in the game. I've been doing some safe, vanilla isk-making tasks like hauling goods, station trading, mining, and been trying to train up some of my skills (I'm still really low, ~925k SP). As you all know, there's only so much this game can offer when you are playing solo and I know that I'm missing out on huge fun. What I'm hoping for I'm looking for some nice people to play eve with who can teach me how to PvP and have some good laughs along the way. I'd love to make some new friends and experience all the things eve has to offer. I'll be reaching out in-game soon and look forward to speaking with you guys. Thanks, Shibity
  4. Hello Everyone, My name is Zach, or Attazach (which is what I usually go by in game). I am a returning player with absolutely no PVP experience, I don't have very many skills trained and I cant play all that often due to work restrictions. Ok well we got all the bad out of the way, so onto a bit about me. Last time I played EVE I was in College for Mechanical Engineering. After School I realized that after doing complicated math all day everyday for years straight I wanted to take a break from that so I now work for an Electrical Contractor and stare at Excel Sheets all day, it is very exciting stuff! but really I have always had a deep fascination with space and Sci-fi, I mean I minored in Aerospace engineering so I have the bare minimum of an understanding of rocket science. Emphasis on bare minimum. Its a lot of equations that I haven't used in years. I was attracted to your posting on reddit because you seem like a community of people like me, people who enjoy video games but have real world commitments that keep you from playing them 24/7. I used to do a lot of mining and exploring last time I played, and I may be a bit rusty now but back then I was the best explorer our corp had so maybe that will be useful in some situations? I would very much like to learn more about PVP in EVE and would enjoy a good community filled with people who aren't toxic and enjoy playing games! Well that is enough rambling from me, hopefully the bad doesn't outweigh the good! Thank you -Attazach
  5. Hello all, Here is a great long wall of text detailing my EVE journey up until this point. I have been playing EVE off and on since 2017. I started my EVE journey in EVE University learning the basics. After a few months in E-UNI I became interested in hauling for fun and profit. I participated in and won a crazy cross-universe race for a 3 billion ISK cash prize and those funds help kickstart my solo hauling career, I ran public contracts and did a lot of exploring to supplement the income from hauling, daytripping into WH space running pirate relic and data sites. Eventually as I skilled into a blockade runner I started taking riskier contracts into nullsec. During one of these adventures I caught the attention of a small renting nullsec corp, Divine Reapers, and was eventually recruited into their ranks. I enjoyed hauling to and from Jita for my corpmates, who ranged from small-time miners to carrier pilots. DR was also part of a large nullsec alliance so I enjoyed the blue standings and was able to continue exploring and hauling to my heart's content. I look back on my short time in Divine Reapers as the most fulfilling and fun time in EVE so far- I really enjoyed the small group atmosphere and would like to join a similar group again. After a while the corp started to die out after many of the wealthier pilots lost their carriers in a big fight with a different nullsec alliance and we were moved into a much bigger corporation, HIgh Sec Care Bears. In HISCB I found it much harder to replicate the small corp relationships and experiences I had in DR, as it was a much bigger corp mainly full of rorqual miners and ratting super pilots. There was less of a need for a small cloaky hauler such as myself so I spent most of my time alone WH daytripping and participating in Bomber's Bar fleets. Eventually I left the corp and have been playing off and on in an NPC corp. Currently I live in a lowsec system and look for quiet wormholes and asteroid belts to make a little ISK in. Skills-wise most of my points are in scanning and in hauling. I do have some SP in basic combat skills, and can fly stealth bombers. While I would be happy to fill whatever role is needed in the corp, I offer my services as a small, fast, and cloaky hauler. I also intend to fill support and logistics roles for individual members and the fleets. The SOH code of conduct sounds like a great environment to learn and teach alongside fellow space-faring capsuleers. I really enjoy smaller groups, especially one-on-one interactions because both in EVE and in real life every single person's journey is wildly different, and I enjoy hearing about experiences people have had, and hope to create and share some new ones with you all in the future.
  6. Hi everyone! Im one of the new members that joined with Jamroar, Rorian, and Keith. My real name is Zack. I havent been on much do too some situations going on IRL. From here on out i should be good to play almost every night though. Im looking forward to play with you guys and appreciate accepting me into your corp. I am extremely new. I've only played for a week so far and would graciously ask you to help out as much as possible because i have very little idea what im doing lol. - Sasuke
  7. Greetings My name is Adamant Stehl (Daniel). I am an older player. Ive been playing Eve on and off since Beta. I have done many aspects of the game, but mostly enjoy being in NullSec. BUT, I am not looking for fleets, structure grind or any of that. Would love small gang roaming and everything that comes with that. That is my single focus right now. I am a casual player, 2 kids, wife, etc… but can play 2-4 times a week and on between 0100 to 0500 Eve time (I am in US mountain time zone). I can fly most ships, all four races from sub-cap down. Some exceptions on some skills but purely combat / scanning focused. I am currently flying a Loki and was roaming in Null during the blackout. Got bored, attacked 3 procures and got jumped by a carrier. Such is EVE life. Was worth the hands shaking and adrenaline pumping. I am looking to learn how to pvp better. I have done it. Got some solo kills (years ago) but to me Eve’s soul is in small gang warfare. I am easy going, bantering type of person. Looking forward to hearing from you all and hopefully joining in. I am on nights for discord interview. I know there is a Saturday roam but have a date with my wife. (first one in a long while). Hopefully another time? Nice to meet all of you. Go kill #$&@! Peace (ha!) Adamant Stehl / Daniel
  8. Hey Everyone! I'm one of the new members to the EVE corp. My real name is Rich and I've been friends with the other three guys who have joined/are joining for quite some time. As Jamroar said in his post, we all recently came across some fascinating articles about EVE and just had to give it a try. We started playing about a month ago and haven't looked back. After the tutorials we started diving right into wormhole exploration. We joined the PvP fleet this past Saturday and had a great time. We're total noobs but we're all very obsessed with this game and are constantly reading articles and watching YouTube videos. We're very eager to learn (and I promise we won't suck this much forever). This is one of the first MMORPGs that I've really gotten into. I'm a big Star Wars fan so I've played SWTOR but was never more than just a casual player. I was pretty into StarCraft II way back during the Wings of Liberty days. More recently I was into League of Legends for a bit. On a more personal note, I'm married and my wife just loves hearing all my EVE stories. I'm a pretty big fan of fantasy/sci fi books/shows (I recently started reading the Expanse but I stopped because of this game). Also a pretty big English Premier League fan (and I'm heading to England next month to see my first game in person). I'm very excited to be joining you all! Thanks so much for including us. - Rorian
  9. Hey everyone! My real name is James and I'm looking for my first Eve corp. I joined Eve with 3 IRL friends, who will/have joined, at the same time and after a month we're looking for our next step. After the tutorial we moved straight to exploring wormholes to make ISK, but we're ready for more content. We were attracted to Eve from reading the stories online about massive battles and politics backstabbing. I'm a complete noob, less than one month played, but I'm eager to dig deep and learn more. I have an addictive personality and I can't wait to learn more about this game which has an endless amount of things to do. I went on my first fleet with you a few days ago and that was one of my best video game experiences. I've never played a game before, except a couple raids in WoW many years ago, with that many people on the same page and working towards the same objective. More personally, I'm a father of a 3-year old and she takes up a lot of my free time. At the end of this month my wife and I are going to Las Vegas for a milestone birthday of mine. Friends that live near me are traveling out with us and other friends that live in Los Angeles are coming too. We have reservations at Gordon Ramsay Steak. I ate there about a year ago and had the Beef Wellington and I've been thinking about that meal ever since. We're basically going to Las Vegas so we have dinner (and a weekend without the kid). I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone in the corp and learning more about Eve. -James
  10. Howdy! I saw your Corp advert and it sounds like the sort of place I'd be interested in. I started eve in a small Corp of returning members which disbanded due to poor leadership in game financial choices coupled with an IRL hurricane that left the Corp leader with more important things to take care of. I tried to assimilate into the null Corp we had made friends with but my low skills/experience in a large renter krab Corp had me feeling out of place. So I decided to shake things up and try the wormhole life. Brave drew me in with their advertised "keep it classy" motto but found that their wormhole division was less classy than I had hoped for and my landscaping business then sapped most of my time this past spring/summer. Which brings us to the present day. I'm a mid 30's father striving to be a jack of all trades. I've become the family IT guy, mechanic, metal worker, and all around Mr. Fixit sort of thing. My most recent project has been a new muffler for my lawn mower made from a busted chain link fence post, old exhaust piece from my truck, and some junk scrap metal I happened across. I've a handful of eve toons, most being a never fulfilled attempt at an SP farm/PI endeavor. Main char has poorly allocated 12m SP. Then an 8m SP WH daytripper, and a 6mil trader that's a week or 2 from getting into a blockade runner. Anywho, my long-winded nature is shining through so I'll wrap this up. What I enjoyed most in eve was having a meaningful impact with a group of friends. I'd rather race a corpmate shuttling fuel back and forth to see who could do it faster than to plow my way through rats watching my wallet grow. I also want to learn the pvp ropes as my only experience is surprising a couple of explo frigs in an astero. Edit: realized I didn't explicitly refer to the CoC in my intro. Not only is that no problem by me, but the type of environment I've been looking for. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.
  11. The post on Evejobs caught my eye, and I thought I would throw my hat into the ring. I remember flying roams with SOHCO members Simone and TBert back in Blades of Grass a while back. I was a newbro at the time and really appreciated the fun and help getting a handle on the universe. I was in another corp, but SOHCO pings always caught my eye because I knew they would be chill. My corp moved around, and after a while my corp's USTZ withered. I also got tired of decisions that were consistently reactive instead of proactive, and general risk aversion in a game that is...well...a game. I felt like I was in a rut doing the same mindless stuff every day. I needed to make some changes in my real and virtual lives, so I peacefully exited the nullsec lifestyle. It's been over a year now that I've been out of null and flying solo. Since then I've tried out some other Eve activities, some of which have been pretty fun. I rolled an alpha character and learned to gank Leopards on the Jita undock. I trained a jump freighter and learned how to handle it. I scanned down wormholes of inactive and low activity corps and bashed their structures out from under them with cheap afk t1 personal fleets (had about 13B drop from an Astrahus, heh). I found an empty unattractive low class wormhole and put up an Upwell structure to do PI and exploration from that staging. I did a bunch of Abyssals. I spent a week or two wandering through Russian dronelands in a cloaky Legion studying botting behavior (sooo many Dominixes). I put an alt in Pandemic Horde and ran some fleets with them to see if the culture was good and fun (results were...ok but not great). At this point I'd really like to have a home and a team. So that in the rare times that real life gives me a break, I can possibly find someone on comms to do stupid stuff with together without listening to rage or stupidity. And I'm hoping SOHCO will be that kind of a place. Small gang warfare is an area I'd really like to get stronger in as well. In terms of in-game capabilities, I have several accounts with characters with broad skills. My main is a subcap pilot with 81M SP, all weapons V, cruiser down all V, near perfect supports, etc. I also have a pvp capital pilot with perfect Revelation skills, moderate carrier skills, and can also fly a Blops Redeemer just for giggles. Additional characters include an Apostle pilot / JF pilot, a Rorqual pilot, and a smattering of industrial/market/others not worth mentioning here. Out of game, I love reading about Eve and listening to podcasts. I've also built spreadsheets and tools for things like market stocking, PI optimization, wormhole rolling, and the like. I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of Empires of Eve Volume 2. I'm fascinated by weird Eve mechanics and creative ways to leverage them (example: the recent case of the supercarrier that cloaked while being hunted, and got decloaked by someone bridging in an industrial which then dropped an Astrahus at the last known location - utter genius). Outside of Eve interests, my other hobbies have withered somewhat as real life has steadily crushed me down, but I have been rediscovering my love of books on tape lately during my commute. Most recently I picked back up the Dark Tower series by Stephen King and finally got through the book that I had gotten stuck on (Wizard and Glass). I've been playing games forever, and can't even begin to remember what I've played. My first gaming systems were Atari and C64, so the list is pretty long at this point. I loved WoW during vanilla and BC, but drifted away after that (I think it left me, not the other way around). I played a ton of Halo and TF2 back in the day, but haven't been able to play an FPS in ages. I enjoyed, but was never terribly good at, RTS titles like Red Alert. In my real life, I live in Maryland with my wife and two elementary aged kids and a demon cat. I work in IT, in the totally-not-dying growth field of Systems Administration. I love my family, a cut lawn, The Fifth Element, silent movies, and Yuengling. I've flown with some of your players, and I've read your Code of Conduct, and I think I would be a good fit. I'm drama free, rage free, and I like helping people and solving puzzles. I can take a joke, make one too, and just want to have some fun in a game with some good folks. I mostly play late USTZ after kids are in bed, assuming I can dodge wife aggro. So let me know if you could use another pilot to leave wrecks in space. Fly dangerous. -Bashen
  12. Hello all! I heard about this community from my brother Moros Ker. I am pretty new to the game, I originally created my characters back in 2014, but after playing a short time I stopped playing. I don't remember why, maybe I got sucked back into WoW? Moros successfully talked me into trying eve out again and I am having a blast. I like to do PvE content such as mission running, abyssal sites, mining and exploration. I would like to get into PvP but I don't have much experience outside of flying in to scram and be annoying as possible. My characters are : Vanu Kahn - my pew pew guy, mission and abyssal running, and hopefully PvPer. / Murdoc Nabali - strictly an industry alt. Some more information about me : I am a mechanic building motors and pumps for the oil field industry. my wife is a Labor and delivery nurse, and we just bought our first house! woot!
  13. hello there, the name is Quartana4 but Q is fine. I have heard good things form a former corp member Moros ker who I believe has already posted or is in the process of doing so. I looking to get some bomber and small/micro gang pvp experience, I can PVE all day but PVP skill are lacking. Also moros informed me that SOHCO is looking to rebuild and I like to offer help if possible, because one and make lasting bonds just ask Moros about when we first meet. i have 3 toon Vexus xjnine 72.5 million sp combat/pve pliot , she has T2 gun, mods, perfect fitting skills and can fly amarr up to dreadnought. Quartana4 ( may name sack ) 50 million sp, Minner/industry. moka taron 39 million sp, comabt/pvp pliot, working on all skills but can fly t2 assault frigate for all races, and up to t2 cruiser for amarr and t1 battle cruiser for minmatar. Outside of eve I am a security guard for a NFL team, I enjoy a good sy-fy flick, comic book hero movie and Japanese anime with sub titles. I also read translated mangas as well. I am married with 3 kids ranging form 3-15.
  14. Hey Guys/Gals! My alias across the web is MorpheusZero. My friends call me simply "Morph" for short--I mean you can understand in PVP shouting out long names--tends to be easier to keep it one syllable for simplicity haha! I am a 27 years old and currently hold titles for multiple things--husband, gamer, Netflix Binge Watcher, engineer, etc. I have been playing games since the original NES--but my most memorable childhood gaming systems were probably Super NES and N64. I then graduated from N64 straight to PS2--then to PS3. Around the mid-life of PS3, I got my first gaming PC and the taste of that world. I continued on to PS4--but I barely play on PS4 these days, its mostly a Netflix machine, and also my wife plays on it mostly. I mostly use it for console exclusive titles. I am primarily a PC player now. When I'm not gaming--by day I am a Software Engineer for a very large Fortune 10 company for the past 4 years.I am a full stack developer, writing backend code mostly in Java, while writing front-end in mostly Typescript/Javascript using frameworks like AngularJS or libraries such as React. Programming and gaming are my passions--and at any given time of day, if Im not doing one--I'm doing the other. In 2011--I started a PS4 Gaming Community with a few friends whom I played Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 with. Shortly after, we migrated over to Battlefield 3. Over the next 4 years, the clan had become mostly a Battlefield 3 and 4 community--managing well over 200 active users and about 12 staff that I had weekly meetings with. Over time though as I stated earlier, I drifted away from the PS4 and more into PC. So I eventually stepped down as the Founder of that clan and passed the torch onto more able hands who were more involved with the PS4 side of things. They are still going strong today and still have a handful of friends that I play miscellaneous games with regularly on PC with that I met there. These days I mostly play with those same 5 or 6 friends that I met while running the clan (those who don't really play PS4 anymore either, but we don't all play the same kinds of games.) Although I chat with them daily in our Discord server that the few of us are in, I'm looking for a more permanent gaming community with active players who are playing the same kinds of games as me. MMOs, Shooters, etc. I got ESO about 6 months ago, and have played off and on SOLO--but really would love to be able to join in some group stuff for longevity. I play off and on because playing solo, I tend to get to areas that I cant do alone and just give up. I recently bought Overwatch and love it--so if anyone plays that and fancies some games--I'm all there as well. I'd love to be able to play with a competitive team. I bought the Ultimate Edition (or whatever its called--the expensive one) for Destiny 2 when it launched. I played it non-stop for Season 1 until I mostly maxed out--then I quit. I came back for a few hours for Curse of Osiris, but never finished it because the group I was playing with had quit as well. So I could get back into that if there are people there as well. I love to do the raids on Destiny and the gunplay is second to none! I first played EVE Online about 6 months ago--and played for a solid 3 or 4 months straight non-stop as a subbed player. I ran with a few smaller Mining Corps in High and Low Sec--never played any null sec stuff before. I mostly did mining stuff and never really experienced any PVP stuff apart from getting destroyed during a war once or twice in my mining barge. (Procurer)./ I REALLY like Eve Online--I just would rather play with some groups who tend to do more PvE than PVP, and the Corp I used to play with eventually moved to Null Sec and I didnt want to go so I stopped playing. But I could see myself getting back into this as well if there is interest. I played SWTOR a little--it was fun, but kind of dated and I hate the combat. But with a group, I think I'd have more fun. I still Minecraft from time to time. I recently downloaded TERA and am thinking about trying it out as well. My favorite game genre is probably RPG (I'm a huge fan of Bethesda games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout--also love Borderlands). I also love survival and strategy titles. Subnautica was a gem. Factorio is epic. etc. So if you'll have me--I'll play with ya! You can find me in almost anything as one of the following variations of MorpheusZero. ESO: @MorpheusZero Blizzard BattleNet: MorpheusZero#1642 Steam: MorpheusZero or MorpheusZer0 ----not sure which one it is, account name and display name are different. Discord: MorpheusZero#8992
  15. Hi all, I'm Stephen. I've played EVE off and on since about 2009. Some of that time has been spent in empire, some in null, and some in WH. I've done a little bit of PvP as well ... this has ranged from large fleets (~150 - 200) to small gangs. I like flying cruisers and below, but can field larger things when needed. I also play quite a few other games: most recently I've been working through Nioh (something like a faster-paced Dark Souls with loot drops) and have been learning Endless Space 2 (a space 4X game). In real life, I'm an electronics engineer working out of Cleveland, OH in the US. I'm 32 and have two cats (one of which who's convinced he's a dog). I'm looking forward to flying with y'all. Cheers!
  16. Hello! I've been looking for a group to join to play EVE for a while now, and I saw your post on Reddit, which lead me to apply. Little did I know I had stumbled upon such a great community! First, my tags range from Rahk on Eve, Dayne on Blizzard games, and Verse on just about everything else. You can probably just call me Matt. I'm a pretty avid gamer as time permits, playing games like Stardew Valley, Skyrim, Witcher, Overwatch, CSGO, and League of Legends (a lot, once, not at all anymore). Here's my steam profile if anyone is interested. I've been playing Eve off and on probably since 2009 when I started my trial. Unfortunately, I've never found a group to play with, perhaps because I was intimidated by the application process / put off by the suspicion that the groups viewed the applications. I'm looking forward to having a fleet to jump on with and fly around. Why did I get into Eve? Spaceships. I just really like spaceships. Along with everyone else playing this game. Most of my playtime has been spent exploring, and that's where most of my skill points have gone, other than some combat skills which I thought would be handy. I've also dipped into a few base mining, PI, and freighting skills. I've honestly just been following the ship mastery certificates for the Firetail and Astero. I have a second pilot that I used the month of free dual skill training on to get her into the skills for moving stuff around efficiently. I heard this was a good thing for FW pilots. My favourite ship is the Astero, (check out this Eve Reader short story about the Astero it's fantastic), and then probably the Firetail. I'd like to get into a Sabre at one point since they seem pretty fun. I tend to lean towards fast moving ships. I have five or six fully kitted firetails ready to go. I've flown around a few times, but I haven't lost one yet. Outside of games, I work as a software engineer in western Canada, where I've helped build a company from the start, which has been a cool experience. I'm in my mid 20's, have an awesome dog, and am married to my best friend. She's a paramedic, so my gaming schedule tends to rotate around her shifts (she works four days at a time away from home, so that's when I game the most). Other random things (I'm going to cheat a bit); I like my coffee freshly ground and straight from a french press My favourite tacos are soft-shelled fish tacos Favorite beverages are scotch, bourbon, and craft beer I started working out regularly after I broke my leg in 2015, and have seen some significant improvements.
  17. o7 Hello all I am RKJakTup. I been playing eve online from 2009. I also play games like D3, WOW, Runescape, Albion, CSGO, and many others. right now the top 3 I play is EVE online, D3 and Albion. I'm from Dallas Texas and you can tell when ever you hear me talk. lol From the time I started eve I lived in Null sec most of my time. I spent 2 years in WH space. I been PVEing most of the time and PVP with I have the time to fly in the fleets but now I'm looking for more pvp. I like smaller gangs and gate camps where we BS and talk most of the time then kill anything that comes though. if yall want to know more about me just hit me up in eve and we can have a chat. Thanks for your time in reading this Fly safe o7 RKJakTup
  18. Hey all! I'm back after 10 months of offline training in the queue. If you'll have me back, I'd love to rejoin! I've been sitting in the station, so it will be pretty easy for me to get up and going and join you all. Thanks! Wuzin
  19. Howdy folks, Ottoelite here, although most people just call me Otto. I just came back to EVE after probably around 5 years of not playing. So much has changed that I feel like I'm just starting over again. I wanted to find some people to play the game with as most of my old friends that I played EVE with have either quit completely, or are rarely ever on. I also wanted to get back out into null-sec, as I've started to grow tired of just farming lvl4 missions in empire. This led me to the recruitment forums where I came across your posting which caught my eye. I like the more mature / family friendly philosophy of the corp, and alliance, and that fact that it's not a super hardcore group who demand crazy time commitments. I originally started playing EVE in 2005. Started out as a miner, where I made some friends. We eventually moved on to low-sec piracy for a while. After this we joined up with the En Garde alliance who were allied with AAA (Against all Authorities) and had some nullsec fun. Towards the end of our run out there was when I originally stopped playing. I have two accounts, my main one sharing this name (Ottoelite). He is primarily an industrialist. With lots of mining, PI, some manufacturing and research skills. I've always enjoyed a relaxing evening of mining. And I've dabbled a bit in setting up my PI pipeline as well. Most of my money however has been made from trading on the markets. The second account (Baranic) was my combat pilot, and was the guy I generally used for PvP. I enjoy the Gallente in your face style blaster boats. Some of my favourite ships (more style-wise than their efficacy in actual pvp) are the Deimos, Astarte, and Hyperion. I've chatted with a few of you in-game in the SOHCO Public channel, and hope to hear back!
  20. Hello everyone! I found this group through reddit's r/evejobs board, where one of your people responded encouraging me to check out this group. Having done a little bit of sleuthing about SoH, as well as Blades of Grass, I have to say I am pretty excited at the prospect of getting to play with you all. The community and atmosphere sound like they would be a great fit. I'm 31 years old and a parent to two lovely kiddos (daughter 6, son 3). I work in a senior technology position in the research integrity office of the local university managing a couple of servers, some specialized software, and working with groups involving regulatory requirements (IACUC, IBC, IRB, EHS... if you know what these stand for you get the idea :P) It can be pretty stressful sometimes, but it keeps everyone fed. I usually feel like I'm doing poorly, but the people I work with seem to think I'm indispensable. My boyfriend claims this is imposter syndrome, but having looked it up I firmly reject the notion, as that would imply that I am, in fact, not just super lucky and barely scraping by. Beyond playing EVE my hobbies include: Alcohol Cleaning up dog poop Sighing in frustration as I discover my son has dumped out the tote of clean laundry I *just*now*brought*upstairs* Roleplaying on DayZ Computer stuff (hardware and software both) A friend recently purchased ARMA 3 for me, so I've been getting into that a little even though I am the worst at PC FPS Hiking!!!!!!!!!!!! Trying, desperately, to convince my daughter it is actually her bed time I used to LARP some but haven't gone in a while (MES, UT, held local leadership positions in each at different points) And pondering if the wet spot I just walked through is dog urine, people urine, or just a spilled cup (for sanity reasons I usually lean towards the cup, but I think we all know the truth) I love punk and when I can manage to go out I go to dive bars. Usually this is immediately after work, so I'm probably a little over dressed. Oh well. When it comes to EVE itself, I am an on again off again pilot of over ten years now. I have three main characters on their own omega accounts: Plyn is my original, a thanny pilot that can do probably ~90% of subcap ships as well. I've gone by this name in different games for wow almost two decades at this point. Got my start in a roleplay group that was fighting for Gallente control of Placid before FW was even an idea to CCP. Went on to do so many different things in this game... Ormus Montgo was my brother-in-law's character, who quit playing and gave the character to me because why not, and he likes the idea the character is still out there somewhere. Ormus flys a thanny and also a moros. He can also do a wealth of subcaps, but leans more gal/min. Artanis Vaille was a cyno alt that I ended up doing some extra training on because if you're already running the account to light candles you might as well train something. Nowadays he mines a little for me when I'm feeling lazy. When it comes to PvP I like to do support roles over dps: Logi, ewar, hic/dic, scout, tackle, probing etc. I'm not an elite pvper by any stretch, but I am good at following protocol and orders, can pilot my ship in fleet situations without just anchoring, and am not at all afraid to die if things go south. I enjoy a good defense fleet, because being reactionary you get to pick ships that make sense against what they have brought. I don't care for ti-di, but sometimes it's a thing. For isk generation I enjoy doing anomalies and belt ratting. Artanis can mine in an exhumer and Ormus isn't far off from it, but that isn't so much a get rich thing as it is something I can do on the side or when I want something a little less clicky. I do exploration some, and have WH experience, so that's a thing too if people are into it.
  21. Hi! Got here by way of Tyrilis / Tbert, whom I had a chat with after finding ya'lls pub channel via Reddit. EVE History A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away a new eve capsuleer was born from the goo. He got the bright idea to chew rocks to pay for pew pew. This was back when before you could fly a barge you'd fly a Exequror. :*) Newbros these days have it easy with those shiney ventures. Got into a retriever and learned the slow grind of Hisec solo mining. Joined an industry corporation and it got a bit more fun. All the while grinding rep for missions, hearing about the big payouts from L4s. Then, I hear about Null. Big bucks from mining and pvp for everyone, even me! So I rush out there, am handed a procurer and told to mine. No pew pew. I retired from eve for awhile. Then I return, and decide I'm going to just focus on exploration and missions. I do okay, get a little PVP by way of a friendly WH corp that was in our alliance and I really enjoyed it. But RL happens and I took another break. I hear from one of the promotional (read: spam) mails from CCP that FW is here. I wait about a year and see it actually looks pretty sweet so I squeezed Intimus Inferi out of the goo to train only combat and go full FW. Lots of rifters were lost, most of which were mine. All the while I dabbled in low sec mining / rat baiting with Montiold. A few T2 frigates were made into space dust by way of my hurricane and pirate tears were had. Then they came and busted my POS and then my tears were had. That's eve for you, and I decided it was time to take another break. A few more years past, and one summer I hear about the Pheobe Freeport republic and I resub Intimus to go see if Null can be more then just chewing rocks. Many fleets were had, I learned the wonders of null ratting in a VNI (An hour = 3 fleet doctrines = many hours of fun). But, alas, at the end of the summer I had to move in RL and focus back at work again so I took a break because work was picking up again. Well, while I don't fight for Aiur, I have returned. Again :). In the past month or so since resubing, I have done some L4s and remembered why they suck. Got back into FW and brushed the cobwebs off, many tristans were made into space dust and most were mine. But Null is where the fun is at, so I am here asking for you all to take pity on a lone waif and take me in? Personal History REDACTED Okay, in all seriousness, I am 25 and a project manager / senior developer at a small company. I did a little college but after a semester found I could get freelance work as a programmer pretty easily. I went that route and did some MVPs along the way. Nothing gained much traction and after a particularly heart breaking failure I started looking for a "real job". Handed my resume out to clients and then started negotiating, settling and starting this job last summer. When not playing EVE or watching Futurama for the 3000th time, I tend to like to try and get out and explore my city. I'm a big foodie, tacos are life and pretty much agreeing is a prerequisite to being my friend. I also love craft beer and there are several micro breweries here in the city that I am still tasting their varieties. Oh and I'm dabbling with making liquor infusions, about to start a peach tequila this weekend. I grew up on games, I learned to program by making flash games, and I still really want to make the next big indi game but I usually keep getting distracted by the actual next big indi game. Zelda is my all time favorite and leading reason to buy Nitendo products. Yup, I'm getting the switch. Going to get Zelda, any mario game, and any fire emblem game. TL;DR: I chewed rocks, pew'd NPCS, pew'd RL players in FW, pew'd RL players in Null, and back for more. Recovering Workaholic in my personal life who has a taco fetish. So, tell me something about you all!
  22. Hello all! I recently saw the recruitment ad posted in the r/evejobs subreddit and immediately became intrigued by the possibility of joining this corp! I just chatted with TBert and Hotsync in the public channel and that has only made me more interested. As you've probably guessed, my character is Dmitri Blok and I'm a fairly new player to the game. Technically I started back towards the end of 2014, but I put the game down for loooong time beginning in the early summer of 2015. I was part of a small and friendly WH corp at the time, and recently found the allure of EVE to be stronger than I remember, prompting me to return to the game. But alas, the members of my former corp have all gone inactive, forcing me to leave and seek out a new one. I was eager to look for people to fly with, so I just joined a recommended corp in the corp window in EVE. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like my current corp is very active during my time zone While my EVE history is not really pvp-focused, it has become an interest of mine and I'd like to participate in and actively contribute to a pvp-focused corp and eventually improve my pvp gameplay. I imagine that having a few mentors and good FCs can't hurt . Right now, I'm skilled mostly into the Tengu as well as a few Minmatar ships, with a focus on ratting and exploration. I feel that my previous experience in W-space has given me a good sense of how to survive in null/WHs and I'm partially seeking the thrills of null sec by applying to this corp. Another thing that made that recruitment ad stand out to me was the Blades of Grass code of conduct; it struck me as exactly the mindset I would like to see from myself and my fellow capsuleers! About me I'm an undergrad college student taking some time off from my school, the Olin College of Engineering. Outside EVE, I'm an avid cyclist and am currently working at a local bike shop while working on a few personal projects before returning to school. Obviously, I'm also a gamer, and I seem to find that I play relatively few games, but tend to get really serious about them. Among those games are EVE, DotA, War Thunder, Super Smash Bros: Project M, and board games. I'm also about to start a DnD campaign with a few friends of mine. If you have any questions, ask away! I excited by the opportunity to join such an organized and classy group of people! Best, Dmitri
  23. Hello SOHCO! I am in the process of joining your corp, so I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to your community. EVE I resubbed my account as news came out about the war against the Goons and the citadel update, both potentially game-changing events that I was excited to be apart of. I ended up joining a wormhole newbro training corp, Wormbro, that was reforming at the time and fell in love with pvp. Although most of my initial pvp training at come from WH space, I was still interested in sov, politics, and such, so I ended up moving to null. I've flown in about every size fleet, from 2-200, and been in a variety of roles. I have some experience as an FC for small to medium sized gangs, and really enjoy flying an interceptor for scouting/light tackle at the moment. I'm always up for pvp, regardless of the size. RL Outside of eve I study Computer Security, a field that I am incredibly passionate about. I enjoy running 5Ks, spartan races, snowboarding, and mountain biking. I currently in live in Northern California, 90 minutes from the beach and 90 minutes from the mountains. Other Games I enjoy FPS games, and tend to be playing Overwatch when I'm not playing Eve. I'm usually open to play PS2 as well, if any of you others enjoy grouping up for stuff. I was a sub for a small BF4 ESL team once too, so that's pretty cool I guess. I'm always open to questions about eve, or myself, so please do not hesitate to ask. Especially if it's on some computer security topic. I always love talking sec
  24. Hello everyone, I was looking to join up as part of SOHCO in Eve. I just returned to the game after the ftp went live. In short, I played in Providence spending my days ratting, plexing, and going on patrols. We were a small group that trained together and were a considerable force when deployed to assist the main alliance fleet (CVA). I find myself slowly remembering the game as I putz around in high sec looking for a new home. I find the most fun in helping others and contributing to a bigger cause. In fleet I served as forward scout, tackler, and long range gunboat. I realize some of what I know may be outdated so once again I face a learning curve. In RL, Im an environmental specialist for a medium sized oil and gas company. Basically, I'm a professional babysitter that makes sure we are in compliance with federal and state regulations... quite the challenge. Im happily married... our children have fur, 2 dogs and 2 cats. They keep us busy. I like to game in my free time. in addition to Eve you can find me currently playing: WOWS, WOT, GTAV, Ark, Silent Hunter series. Fly Safe - Verrim
  25. Hi guys I look forward to flying with you guys and getting back to null. I've been around since 2006 and instantly fell in love with Eve. Despite unsubbing a few times, and losing a girlfriend over the game, I keep coming back. I spent the first couple years mostly care-bearing solo through highsec, until I stumbled onto the first solid corp, Gallente Mining and Manufacturing Inc (GMMI), previously named Phalanx Expeditionary Conglomerate. It was a strange circumstance of how I found this corp: I was working the market, as I still do, and the CEO made a rather large purchase and overpaid by quite a bit. I thought it was cool, but soon he messaged me and asked if I could give him a refund, since he made a mistake. Without thinking about it, I gave him a refund, and one thing led to another and soon he invited me to join. I made many lasting friendships in that corp, some drifted away or left the game, some I stil have on my contact list. In fact one of the directors of my very last corp, Ghosts of New Eden, is from those days. As an indy corp, this was a proper bunch of care-bears, but we cut our teeth together in our first pvp (still remember my hand shaking), and eventually moved to Vale and joined the original Northern Coalition as a corp. Being mostly indy, eventually the corp decided to leave nullsec, but I was having too much fun joining fleets and gate-camping so I stayed with one of the other corps, Sankkasen Mining Conglomerate. Eventually we got rolled over by NC. and our alliance got pretty much decimated with everyone going off in different directions. I joined a couple of corps after that, but everyone was moving around too much, I think I unsubbed briefly at one point, but essentially spent the next 2 years care-bearing again in HS. At one point, GMMI merged with a few other miners, formed Sundown Logistics and moved up to join SMA and the CFC. I ended up joining them and lived up in Pure Blind for a while. SMA had a reputation, as an indy alliance, as being soft, so we had tons of reds in our pocket constantly. From my perspective, it was a good opportunity to gain more pvp experience, if not roaming, protecting our space. There were also quite a few CTAs, the CFC had many enemies. Around November 2012, Sundown Logistics was looking to leave CFC and I decided to give away all my stuff in RL and moved to Hawaii, which, as you might guess, heavily interfered with my gaming =) After Hawaii, I traveled around the country a bit, lived in Austin TX for 5 months and the last few years I've been on and off in Eve, mostly joining corps that my old friends started up, and they decided to move into a WH about 3 years ago. I wanted to give it a go, but really WH life is not my thing and these corps, although based around a core of close friendship and trust, have always been very small and it's always been tough finding enough of them online to motivate that re-sub finger. So once I came back with Ascension, I decided I wanted to pursue the things that interest me in Eve, and provide a steady stream of content. I posted a message on the recruitment forums a few nights ago and got quite a few offers, but the one that stood out the most was the message from Solomon. And here we are. In RL I've been an interactive/visual designer for about 20 years, specializing in UI design. Currently I am working a freelance contract for a bio-tech firm application re-design, but this year in particular has been difficult to find good projects, so I supplement driving for Grubhub. In a way, delivery driving is the perfect job, and I often compare it with contract hauling in Eve. But just like in Eve, the pay is not that great. However, things have started to turn around and I have a few things in the works. Ultimately my typical work schedule would be a 9-5 CST position, but right now my schedule is all over the place, although the freelance project is pretty flexible. I've always been an active gamer, anything from Ultima Online, WOW with my kid, and of course Eve Online. I also enjoy Crusader Kings II, most of the Total War series, The Witcher and was quite addicted to Fallout 4 last winter. I'm decidedly very interested in history and fantasy, as well as sci-fi, and many of the games I play reflect that. At some point when I was 21 I fell in love, it was one of those storybook romances, had 2 beautiful kids with her, but eventually things soured and we parted ways. Perhaps we married too young, but love is what it is. Trying to catch up to the past, my Eve career is sprinkled with all sorts of RL Casanova activities, perhaps the only silver lining in a painful divorce. But those days are behind me as well, I'm now pushing 50, and if you're my age you know what I'm talking about: the desire is still there but reason is a thing now =) Anyway, I could ramble on some more but don't want to scare you (too much). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I love a good conversation. Jonni
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