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    As I start a new chapter in my life, as we begin a new year, and as South of Heaven approaches its fourteen-year anniversary in November, it’s a good time to reflect on our gaming community and extended family, talk about where we’ve been, and think about where we may be going. Historical Context While South of Heaven has always been a multi-game community, in our early years we had one leader and only one Chapter at a time. When the group felt a game had run its course, we would turn the lights off, encourage everyone to come with, and begin anew in a new title. Back then, it made sense that Veteran eligibility was primarily based on your willingness to follow the guild from game to game. It wasn’t until our brief but enjoyable Aion chapter that we first considered the possibility that a Chapter might exist without me. I burnt out more quickly than expected, and there was a group that wanted to remain. So we invited a new rank, Chapter Lead, and Huntyre became our first - keeping the lights on in Aion, which would prove most fortuitous. The guild's first truly multi-Chapter experience was prompted by the launch of Guildwars 2. I had always intended to lead the guild in that game myself. But instead I was completely taken by the raid team we were assembling in WoW - a team that took years to build and remains one of my proudest achievements. Fortunately, the Aion Chapter brought us Fera. After a few long talks over coffee & tea, I decided to entrust her with the entirety of GW2, from start to finish. Her terrific success building that Chapter lead me to eventually share the title of Founder with her. Since then, others have stepped up to lead. Dar has organized SoH in WoW long after the raiding Chapter closed. Tyrlis stewarded the GW2 Chapter toward its end, and also lead the EVE Chapter for its first year. And none of us has been quite as successful as Midri, whose FF14 Chapter has the distinction of being the most enduring in the entire history of the guild (still strong, after four years)! Things Have Changed Through all this growth, we have always set high standards for our leadership. We have also been very protective of the right to recruit, in order to preserve a uniform standard for membership and maintain our “brand.” Over the years, many of you have kindly expressed your appreciation for the excellent organization, management and leadership that this guild provides. However, one of the wonderful things about a community this long-lived is that we’re all growing old together! Careers and education have advanced. Weddings and babies have happened. All the things and more. As a “real life first” group, we of course embrace all of it. But as a result, each year there are fewer of us to lead, and we have less time to do it. Additionally, I feel the MMO genre has somewhat stagnated. It has become harder to get excited about new launches, all of which appear to be variations on the same theme. It’s also become more challenging to manage the time and recruitment effort required to really excel. Things Must Change More I've come to believe that, if we insist on maintaining the same structure that served us so well in the past, we will surely fade away and die as a guild. Therefore, I called for a Leadership Retreat this past weekend. Our objective was to re-think South of Heaven and design a new structure that would allow us to grow and thrive under these new conditions. For the remainder of this post, I will provide a rough outline. We will create official rules threads to explain it all in more detail, soon. Introducing Cohorts “Cohorts” will be a new form of Chapters, designed to be more flexible and more casual. They require at least three Veterans to be present and playing the game, one of whom must come forward and volunteer to serve as Game Officer. The Game Officer’s primary responsibilities are: (1) to liaison between the folks playing the game and the guild’s Leadership Council (more on this later), and (2) to ensure that the overall experience for those playing the game is consistent with the high standards of the guild. Specific liaison duties include: pitching an initial proposal for the Cohort, requesting communication services (Forum, Discord, Mumble channels), providing updates to the Council, seeking Council feedback as needed, and ensuring the Cohort is properly transitioned or closed if he or she can no longer serve this role. A Cohort may exist in any kind of game; it needn’t be an MMO or even PC-based! There will be no minimum time commitment, and Cohorts will be eligible for “promotion” to Chapter status as they grow. Lastly, Cohorts will be allowed to recruit. Recruitment will no longer be controlled exclusively by Chapter Leads, and will instead become the responsibility of Veterans. Veterans, Magnified! As I alluded earlier, the historical concept of Veteran was based on a guild with one leader and one Chapter. We have long known this definition was obsolete, and the Senior Member title was our way of putting a bandaid on it. At last, we have properly gone back to the drawing board and redefined the rank entirely. Moving forward, Veteran will be a merit-based title. Veterans will require at least six months in the guild, and they are expected to demonstrate exemplary character, conduct and loyalty. Any member of the Leadership Council may nominate someone for Veteran promotion, and the Council alone will determine who may have the title. Veterans will be allowed to sponsor any number of new recruits they wish, whenever they are playing in an active Cohort or Chapter. Recruits become eligible for Member rank when they have: (1) played with an active Cohort or Chapter for at least one month, (2) demonstrated active communication with the guild outside of the game, and (3) received a second vote of confidence from any other Veteran in that Cohort or Chapter. Promotion polls will be eliminated. Current Chapter Leads have the option to adopt the new system or grandfather the old one. Anyone who is currently a Senior Member, Veteran or Ghost will be reviewed by the Council and considered for new Veteran status. Due to the new criteria, we cannot promise that everyone will maintain their current title. After the review is complete, the Senior Member and Ghost ranks will be eliminated. Instead, we will move to a simplified system where Recruits & Members who have not shown a certain minimum activity on forums or in Discord will be periodically purged, and Veterans will maintain their status indefinitely. The Council Initially, the Leadership Council will be comprised of all former and current Chapter Leads. We think it is vital that members of the Council have experience organizing and leading the guild. Practically speaking, this also means that the Council will be comprised of folks who have demonstrated a commitment to and love for the guild that have been proven over many years. The Council’s primary duties are to preserve the health of South of Heaven as an institution and promote our amazing community of gamers. We will oversee Veteran promotions, administer communications services, and serve as a sounding board, resource and moral compass for anyone who is willing to step up and lead. The Council must also add new members over time, with a strong preference for those who have served as a Game Officer or Chapter Lead. The Council, Chapter Leads and Game Officers will meet in Mumble at least twice a year, and additionally as needed. Any Council member may convene a meeting at any time. Guild Meets One other area we identified for improvement was establishing guild-wide activities. Some of our members (shout out: Grieve) have already taken the lead in organizing regional, in-person meet-ups. We think that’s great, and we would love to see more of them. In addition to encouraging meet-ups and general usage of our Discord and Forums, we want to start organizing online activities that will be open to the entire guild. The basic concept will be to pick a free game and invite everyone to hang out in Mumble for one night or even a weekend to play it together. Our goal is to work toward having these once a month. Closing Thoughts In summary, I’ve used a lot of words to talk about how things have changed, why we need to change, and how we have reimagined our guild to thrive under these new conditions. The core concepts really boil down to empowering Veterans and establishing a formal Council to steer the guild as a whole. We hope the new structure will encourage a new generation of leaders, keep our community engaged, and provide a path to grow our membership moving forward. I’m personally excited to see what our Vets do with Cohorts - I suspect I’ll be surprised (even challenged) in ways that I couldn’t have anticipated. Please share whatever thoughts, feedback or questions you may have.
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    Hello again I guess I am not very good at these intros, I am a commercial construction worker (drywall/ painting) living about 25 miles north of Milwaukee Wi. I am married and no kids, just something my wife and I agreed on early. I do enjoy golfing when I can but my games are mostly my hobby. Between work and many side jobs I get just relaxing is the name of the game. I am 48yrs old and have been hooked on gaming ever since I owned a commodore vic-20.
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    Okay, so I had been diligent about posting our Member promotions and I apologize for slacking off so let's see if I can list all our members that I missed. Harmacist Dys Xotic Sooper1337 Deaddiggle CodexofPower Evaporated (SausagePrime) WAR Hitaman Some have drifted off and we'll hope to see them again in a future game, but I want to note them here. Additionally, we have our first group of Veteran Promotions coming from the Destiny 2 chapter so I'd like to acknowledge those Members that have proven their dedication and commitment to the Destiny 2 chapter & our community. Velius Will Washingtron Congratulations all!
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    Thank you! What game are you playing? I have my BS in Information Systems and trying to finish my master's in Cyber Security. The planet question, hah this is a good one. I just did a study of the Cassini-Huygens mission and so I have to say I'd visit Saturn. The rings are fascinating, the great red spot, the hexagonal storm - I want to see them in person. Apparently another storm on the northern latitudes has recently been identified as well Now you have to answer the same question!
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    Posting for awareness I would like to announce that we are adding a new Discord channel with the sole purpose of grouping up with others in the SoH community for multi-player & co-op games that are not quite enough to merit a Cohort, but are still much more enjoyable to play with friends. We would like everyone to take advantage of this channel to make stronger connections, rekindle old ones, or even make some new ones. All we ask is that if you are jumping into a multiplayer or co-op game to consider posting in the channel and seeing if others are interested in joining you. Community members not on Discord regularly yet please consider joining and getting involved as it has become a key resource for the community day to day.
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    Founded in 2005, SoH was established as a gaming community for mature players to enjoy exploring MMOs together. Since then we've branched out to include other types of games as well as different platforms. The stability and longevity of our community is due in large part to our vetting process, which is a two-way street. We ask all prospective members to vet us while we, in turn, vet them. In so doing you will discover that the SoH community is very-much a friend-first group of gamers. Essentially, we choose each other with which to play. And while we believe that real life comes first, gaming is the best hobby there is! In SoH, we play lots of different games and are comprised of people from all walks of life. We're proud of that fact, and we guard it, and them with great fervor. If you're new to our community we ask that you get involved so that you can get to know us, and we can get to know you. For like-minded gamers, this will be a piece of cake (and this cake is not a lie!) Step 1: Read our Code of Conduct. While we take this document seriously, it's generally a no-brainer for like-minded gamers. There's no need to sign this, but we ask that you comment on it in your Introduction. Step 2: Go to the Public Access section of our forums and write an Introduction. Tell us about yourself and please include something regarding the CoC, i.e., do you think you're a good fit based on what you have read? That's it! Easy! Now all you have to do is grab a Discord invite and join in the fun \o/ Active groups (Cohorts) you're welcome to join: Destiny 2 2 weekly raid(s) and 2 other optional group events each week, currently welcoming new players. Lead: Grieve Fallout 76 2 group events per week, currently welcoming new players. Lead: Practical GW2 PvX, 2 group nights per week including dungeons, WvW and Fractals, currently welcoming new players. Lead: Simone WoW End-game content weekly events scheduled based on activity/interest Lead: Elend Elder Scrolls Online - PvX, 1 group night per week, minimal activity at present. Lead: Gul
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    This started during the Guild Wars 2 beta. A friend and I were playing on laptops at his house and while creating characters we tried to come up with character names to make the other person laugh. I thought he was going to pass out after he saw Sausage Prime above my character's head. Really just depends on what I have on hand. Usually either Mountain Dew or water. Back when did stuff like that, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.
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    We strive to select membership that is a natural "fit" for the guild profile. As a result, we have gotten away with having very few "rules" in our house. Over the course of nine years, a lot of faces come and go. Things drift one way or another, and may even become murky at times. For that reason, it can be helpful to clarify guild expectations regarding conduct. 1. No drama. Disagreements should and do happen. People lose their cool sometimes. Like any dysfunctional family, we have our fights. But drama should be kept to an absolute minimum, for the sake of peace and enjoyment of the games we play. Members often use online games as a sanctuary and do not wish to see ugly or angry words encroach. Drama over loot & gear is considered the greatest sin in this guild, and the Founders' tolerance of it is close to Nil. 2. Individual intiative. Give a man a fish, and you have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime. We are a friendly guild that welcomes both beginner and pro. And if you are a beginner, we will teach you to fish. But no one is here to play the game for you. That, the fun part, we leave to you. 3. Competition. We are not a hardcore guild. We do not have playtime requirements. We don't use point systems. That said, we play to win. All members are expected to continuously improve their teamwork, and be open to (as well as provide) feedback to their peers. 4. Sportsmanship. In PvP titles, we are tenacious, but civilized. We do not harass or "grief" our opponents. We thank them for a good fight. If you are not an Officer or above, you should refrain from engaging in global chat banter. Remember that your actions, even when you are alone, reflect on the entire guild. If you choose to behave poorly, you have made that choice for all of us. 5. Fair play. The guild believes in abiding by the spirit of the game. The use of 3rd party software to "hack", "cheat" or "bot" is strictly prohibited (except for UI modifications permitted by the game's EULA, if any). Likewise, any abuse of bugs ("exploits") is forbidden. There is zero tolerance for cheating, and cheaters will be removed from the guild immediately. If you are unclear on whether something constitutes unfair play, PM an Officer, Chapter Lead or Founder. 6. Community. Our guild is a community unto itself, but also a building block toward larger communities within each game we play. We contribute to and enhance these communities by being tough, but fun, by exhibiting good sportsmanship, and by promoting fair play. Because of the damaging effect RMT (goldsellers) has on game communities, as well as the human rights violations that are often involved, purchasing game currency from illicit sources will not be tolerated. Members who find themselves struggling or short on time should reach out to their guildmates for help, rather than supporting this industry. 7. Friendship. Everyone is expected to treat every Member of this guild as a friend. While this means different things to different people, as a general guideline it works. This includes being social with the guild in game! Minor things like greeting someone when they log in, or responding to their questions, go a long way toward creating the type of atmosphere this guild is about. Always put guildmates first when planning your teams or in-game activities. Remember that allies selected by leadership should also be treated as friends.
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    I took some time yesterday to read up on the Code of Conduct/policies. I do have to say, "fulcrum" may have to be used if necessary Unfortunately, I don't currently have any pets, but when I buy a house in the near future I am considering getting a dog or two. I don't think I've ever been to New Orleans or Minnesota, but I am used to cold weather since I'm originally from Massachusetts. I absolutely HATE the heat down here.
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    Mmm, yummy Excel spreadsheets. They do have a unique ability to slowly siphon your life-force. I ABSOLUTELY understand. Since you asked, here's a couple of Seamus pics! Sadly, the Husky mix (Pearl) had to stay with a friend after our most recent move. She would not have enjoyed apartment living....
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    Hello! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I game by the names Keg, Holykeg, Shrapnel and Shrap...(we all know how it goes getting the names we want lol). I became aware of SoH years ago when ArchAge first launched. I got my farmstead up and running and found myself neighbors with a friendly and chatty Fera and she told me all about SoH!. After Archage ran its course life got in the way but eventually we met up again in Trove. I played with her, Platy and Huntyre for a bit working on their cool club world and grinding away. Fast forward some more years and here I am finally putting an introduction in the forums and hoping to find a place in a gaming community. I have been gaming for quite a while...(without dating myself too much) my first MMO experience was with EQ when I was in high school and throughout college. I loved that game! I have almost 3k hours in GW2, waaaay too much of my life was spent in WoW(Duskwood and Lightbringer servers) I spent a couple years playing Life is Feudal on RP servers and also ran a server for some time that had quite a healthy population. I dabbled in DayZ on a couple RP servers but it wasn't quite the game for me. Now I find with kids, going back to school(RN) and life in general I have been playing much more casual games. Sea of Thieves is one I play regularly now with a friend, Idle Heroes on my phone and pretty much any survival/crafting/open world game that takes my fancy...currently pestering Fera about My Time in Portia to decide if I want to give another EA game a shot. I hope to join SoH and have a community that I enjoy playing with without the pressures of being elite etc. It's all about having fun for me now. Thanks for taking the time to read my long winded greeting! Hope to game with SoH soon. ~Shrap, Keg
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    This is great news! maximum respect for grieve, the core SoH and the fanatics that were recruited that made this chapter possible. What they had to work with and what they have made from it is nothing short of remarkable. Also, I want to make a ploy to my fellow SoH lifers. If you have played destiny 2 in the past or have never played it at all, PLEASE come give it a shot(or another shot), the game is about to take off and go places. There will be a completely new loot system, hybrid PvE PvP game mode(holy shit its fun),deeper RPG elements, tons of secrets to discover and completionist things to complete. We in the Destiny 2 chapter would love for you to be there with us when it all kicks off Tuesday.
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    I'm paying attention promise. I will gladly answer any questions people have. Discord. great! Rebuilt my pc last year and lost a lot of stuff...including mumble info. I will have a look at the linked post. Cheers!
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    Hello! I'd like to kick off the brave new world of SOH cohorts (https://www.sohguild.com/index.php?/topic/19606-south-of-heaven-reimagined/) by proposing a PC/NA cohort for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). What is ESO? ESO is themepark MMO based on the Elder Scrolls universe (think Skyrim, Oblivion, etc.). It's buy to play with an optional subscription, DLC, and a recent paid expansion. It's one of the better buy to play MMOs in terms of business model (in my opinion anyway). The cash shop is relatively unobtrusive and the subscription feels truly optional. It's mechanics are largely familiar to any MMO veteran. The combat is action based and works great with a controller. Two areas where it stands out from other themeparks are character skill customization and scaling content. Without getting too into the weeds, each class can perform the classic mmo roles (tank, healer, dps). Some classes are better suited for one role over another, but there's a a lot of room to experiment and customize. I've also found the scaling content to be very well implemented. Players are free to explore every area of the game at any level (outside of the "hardmode" group content and raids). What Would an SOH ESO Cohort Look Like? With the caveat that I think the direction of any cohort should be determined by it's future members, here are some of my ideas for an ESO cohort. - Super casual, built around weekly/twice weekly dungeon and world boss runs. - Focus on enjoying all the game has to offer/avoiding the "race to endgame" trap. - As much as possible, keep guild activities open to all skill and character levels. ESO makes this pretty easy. Consideration - World PvP participation is locked to your alliance (there are three). If we want to PvP together, we need to be in the same alliance. Alliance is irrelevant for everything else. So, any takers? Leave a comment here if you'd like to see an SOH ESO cohort.
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    Why haven't we been contacted by aliens? I'd have to go about that for the same reason Fermi established the paradox is the same reason you could argue it's unlikely. The universe is vast, and most of it appears to be the way it is randomly...or, if there's instructions, we haven't deciphered them yet. But, if you think about the mechanics of just how our planet works and its ability to sustain life...that's hitting an impressively small target. Earth's orbit shifts just enough and this rock is nothing but ice or fire. So Fermi is probably right, there are probably many earth like worlds orbiting many Sun-like stars...but how many of them have advanced life and civilization on them? Long odds. Maybe they did and they had extinction level events like Earth has, but humans didn't manage to survive them? Could be all of that, could be none of that. Of course I say all that and next thing you know a comet could come whizzing by with some space lab attached to it in a desperate attempt to get here. In the absence of warp drive, that would be one way to get somewhere in the galaxy fast...land on a comet and ride it. And, I glaze my own eyes over thinking about that. In a good way. :)
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    Ah, I guess it wants account name...that would make sense...I gave you a character name. Out of touch doesn't describe that. Anyways, haha...my account is @Singularity80.
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    I have read The Code, and do swear to abide by its rules.
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    Hi Adam - nice to meet you! We'd be happy to send you an invite, I'll try to send one over before I leave for work this morning. I normally write novel length responses (at least it feels that way haha) to intro posts, but I'm short on time before I have to leave this morning. So I'll just say I look forward to gaming with you soon, and I'll try to circle back here later today to write more!
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    I had a great time playing with the group last night. Can't wait to do it again. Also, playing with people older than 18 is a wonderful welcome change from the Minecraft servers.
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    Hey TBert! I can assure you he has borrowed more from me than I have from him, but probably around 3B-3.5B.
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    welcome! pancakes or waffles? I picked up a Switch a little while ago myself... I pretty much binged a bunch of time on Overcooked. lol
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    Nice to meet you Brouzouf! Is brouzouf.major your account name or character name? I've always sent invites to account names, but I'm not 100% sure it matters. Either way, one of us will send you an invite sometime today! We have our Mumble and Discord information in our in-game MOTD, so you'll want to check those things out when you accept the invite. We Discord to pre-schedule groups and chat across all of the games we play. We have a PvP group that starts at 900pm EST tonight and a group PvE night that starts at 800pm EST tomorrow. These events usually run for a few hours, so it's totally fine to join in whenever you're available. Cooooool can we see a picture?? Yes! There's actually an SoH HotS night coming up next Friday at 900pmEST. That'll be a good way to hook up with the SoH people who play it.
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    Hello potential new friend! Do you like green eggs & ham? How do you earn your living? What is Cayde-6's favorite dance?
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    Yes, Saturday night was a lot of fun! Looking forward to more of it A good thing about this game is that content is not gated by player level--everyone scales to the same level. So even if you're new and low level, you can still be a contributing member of the group! Here are some of the patch notes from when they introduced the concept of One Tamriel in 2016: Game content is no longer gated by a character's level Right out of the tutorial you'll have the freedom to go anywhere in Tamriel and play any content, in any order, just like other Elder Scrolls games. Your character will automatically scale and balance to the content The alliance restrictions have been lifted in all open-world zones, with the exception of PvP areas High-level players will be able to group with friends who are new to ESO; anyone below Champion 160 will scale so everyone can adventure together Every zone has been modified to ensure a mixture of content for solo and group play is available
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    Cohort status approved! I’ll type more and do things on the morning.
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    I know for a fact I have played this at some point in my life... because I remember thinking that Jennifer Hale phoned it in for her character in the prologue sequence... but I can remember literally nothing else about this game. When did I play? What did I play as? What was my account? Did I like it? Mysteries for the ages...
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    Ugh, today was the first of many days scraping the frost off my windows.
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    Won a beer fridge this weekend! https://imgur.com/MV2kOfF
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